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Gingerbread House Making Party

Every year we make paleo gingerbread and decorate it with garbage candy from the dollar store.

It’s a wonderful chance for people to get together and be creative around the holidays. This year, I made enough paleo gingerbread for 9 complete houses, royal icing with organic sugar and vanilla, and several delicious party snacks.

We had mini cheese and onion quiche, bacon-wrapped dates, pumpkin brownies, peppermint bark, squash hummus, bruschetta, goat cheese and honey, and meat and cheese.

And we had raw egg nog made with raw milk and cream, raw eggs, maple syrup, vanilla, nutmeg, cloves, and cinnamon.

I also made cocktails with some regular Kahlua and chocolate liqueur, but homemade ginger syrup, Irish Creme and chocolate syrup.

What I love about gingerbread house parties is that everyone takes the same ingredients and makes really different and creative things. At this party, Sasha and Madeline made an attic with a fireplace and beanbags; Ty and Britt made a tent with a sleeping bag and lantern; Krista and Chase made a Subaru and kayak; Kristen made a dog house; and Tiffany made a luxurious walkway with sparkly trees.

Sasha's and Madeline's attic:

Ty's and Britt's tent with sleeping bag:

Krista's and Chase's Subaru:

Kristen's dog house:

Tiffany's walkway:

I turned a broken wall into ivy and a bespoke Christmas tree.

The party was a blast. I love being creative, and I love sharing food with my friends and family. And like we said on the podcast, we'd have so much less to complain about if it weren't for terrible things like candy and caramel coloring.

Here are some examples of past gingerbread house making parties;

The murder scene mentioned on the podcast;

And the Harry Potter gingerbread farm!

Ginger-Ron, Ginger-Voldemort, and Ginger-Harry are one of my favorite things.

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