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Friendsgiving is my favorite unofficial holiday

I cooked a delicious #WOALF meal for Sasha and our climbing friends the Sunday before Thanksgiving.

Friendsgiving, the act of having Thanksgiving food with your friends on or around the last Thursday in November, has exploded in recent years. I began pumping out Friendsgivings left and right about 3 years ago when Sasha and I cooked for our friends from Spain.

My best friend and I also made a super badass Friendsgiving in NYC, a meal for which we shopped on Thanksgiving itself because nothing in New York ever closes ever.

This year, my determination to create a scrumptious Friendsgiving meal for Sasha and our two climbing/Bachelor franchise BFFs rivaled my desire for a stress-free Sunday. Somehow my Sundays are never stress-free, so I went for the Friendsgiving at full steam.

The weekend of the Friendsgiving party, Sasha and I recorded our shortest episode ever, Episode 14, because I didn’t have time for hours and hours of editing. I bought organic ingredients at the Indy Winter Farmers’ Market. (Check out my Shopping List for a Perfect Friendsgiving.) I edited the podcast Saturday and set to cooking early Sunday morning.

Everything was going perfectly according to schedule until a strange noise sounded from my oven indicating a potentially dangerous situation. I had to bring all my food to Deb and Matt’s house to finish cooking there. But it wasn’t too bad. I was able to get everything prepared in time to drive all the food over to our BFFs’ house for Sunday evening.

The Friendsgiving menu consisted of:

  • pumpkin hummus and GF crustinis

  • Rachel Khoo’s chicken with lemon and lavender

  • Brussels sprouts roasted in BACON PHAT with garlic

  • mashed potatoes

  • mashed sweet potatoes and butternut squash

  • gravy made from bone broth and vermouth; stuffing with GF bread

  • cranberry sauce

  • salad with radicchio, apples, pecans, and pepitas (sourced from the pumpkin)

  • holiday cocktails made with ginger beer, cranberry syrup, and

It was PHENOMENAL. Very adult and sophisticated and worth every penny and moment of stress.

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