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Camping in Indiana National Shoreline

One weekend of September, we camped with the CAMP CREW in the Indiana Dunes. 'Twas dope.

We camped in Indiana Dunes National Shoreline with the other sister Krista and two boyfriends, Chase and Brock. Sasha and Brock shared the Tepui car-top tent, Krista and Julia shared the REI Half-Dome 3+ tent, and Chase had his own one-person tent with an inflatable sleeping pad.

During the day, the gang hiked in Indiana Dunes National Park from the trailhead to the shoreline, walking through hills and trees before reaching Lake Michigan. We skipped copious amounts of smooth, flat rocks, which made everyone happy. Trail snacks included Dang Sticky Rice Chips. Everyone then drove to Indiana Dunes State Park, paid $7 per car, and climbed some more dunes. Several people rolled down the dunes with their bodies, Chase filmed himself rolling while holding the Go-Pro, and everyone skipped more rocks.

After everyone hiked and skipped rocks and rolled down sandy hillsides, we set up camp in the campsite and put up the hammocks. Not 20 minutes after starting a beautifully roaring fire, a torrential downpour engulfed the campsite, the people, and all the food. Everyone had a blast getting soaking wet while huddling over the fire to cook GF bread slices, locally made sausage and beef burgers, and chicken curry with white rice.

After cooking everything in a fire for 45 minutes and getting cold and wet, that curry was one of the tastiest things of all time. Cooking curry over a cast-iron elevates the warmth and spices to a new level and creates a crispy layer of caramelized crust on the bottom of the curry. A curry cooked over fire eaten in the rain with camp silverware beats out any other curry ever, period. The burgers and sausage on GF bread with mustard weren’t too bad either.

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