Black Lives Matter (The End of Policing by Alex Vitale) ft. Rique, an amazing human

Black Lives Matter (The End of Policing by Alex Vitale) ft. Rique, an amazing humanBacon Phat
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The End of Policing explores the racist history of the police, the major problems of modern police, and the grave consequences of having a too-powerful, racially motivated police force in America.

In this episode:


Show notes:

The episode

01:00: BLM protesters add “Defund the Police” to DC mural

01:45: Defund the police

05:00: Michael Che on Black Lives Matter

06:30: Do not focus on the rioters or looters

09:18: White people can just listen to black people


12:05: Protesters met with City Council in Colorado Springs


15:30: Police kill unarmed black men


15:40: US police are trained to think every situation could turn deadly,  but police in Britain are unarmed


17:35: Police shot a journalist in the eye and blinded her during BLM protests


18:10: Statistics show that more police do not prevent crime


19:10: Police have to deal with mental health patients but aren’t trained properly


21:45: Prisoners treated like violent criminals


23:15: New wave of slavery is mass incarceration


24:30: 1 in 3 black men will be arrested in their lives


25:30: US justice system is not restorative


25:40: The War on Drugs and Nixon’s advisor:

We knew we couldn't make it illegal to be either against the war or black, but by getting the public to associate the hippies with marijuana and blacks with heroin. And then criminalizing both, heavily, we could disrupt those communities.


26:46: Black people in America: slavery, slavery again during Reconstruction, then the Jim Crow era, then Civil Rights movement, then new Jim Crow


28:15: Longer prison sentences 


29:00: Mandatory minimum sentences, “3 strikes you’re out” laws, and Clinton crime bill


29:55: Police sue the government for quota systems


32:00: US history taught in schools is flawed


37:20: Trump supporters are racist


40:50: Trump rally on Juneteeth


42:04: States that prevent Juneteenth from being national holiday


42:20: Trump’s photo op in front of the church, disavowed by church leadership


43:40: Georgia voting systems


44:35: Trump fact-checked on Twitter over voter fraud lies


45:45: Police are relatively new invention; not around for the ratification of the US Constitution


46:15: Police were racist towards italian/irish and other immigrants


46:40: Texas Rangers created to exterminate Native Americans and Mexicans


48:00: Birth of a Nation super racist


48:50: Rape and race


49:30: First police in the South were poor whites rounding up slaves


50:40: We only know about police brutality because of cell phone cameras


51:25: Civil rights concerns of body cameras


51:15: Groups under government surveillance


55:20: Police in riot gear encourages violence


57:15: Gezi Park protests in Istanbul, Tiananmen Square, Hong Kong protesters


59:00: Cops trained in how to interact with media


1:00:10: Diverse political representation good for policy, but diverse police forces are not less racist

1:01:00: Black people are 13% of the population


1:02:00: Plea agreements; 97% of cases don’t see a trial


1:02:55: Punishment in the US


1:04:00: White people do just as much drugs as blacks


1:05:25: Black females are most targeted for prostitution


1:06:30: Criminalizing prostitution; police corruption


1:07:25: Lecrae on the War on Drugs


1:08:48: School-to-prison pipeline


1:10:15: Teachers need to be taught to be guidance counselors


1:15:55: Racist history of the police


1:16:15: Black people less likely to be approved for loans


1:18:20: The US should give black people reparations

1:18:30: White people are part of the problem if they are not part of the solution; silent racism