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We are Bacon Phat, a biweekly podcast about good food, amazing books, and badass women.

First Humans wannabes Julia and Sasha discuss 1 book an episode (or 1/2 of a book or 3 books), highlighting the most important and interesting things they learned. They focus on women authors, scientists, and doctors as much as possible because there are innumerable health podcasts that cover the men.


They also talk about their poop (a lot) because a lady can tell a lot about her health from a casual glance at the toilet. And they eat nutrient-dense, ancestral diets full of organ meats. They discuss how they incorporate liver, heart, giblets, kidneys, skin, and PHAT into their diets every week.

Bacon Phat drops every #MoreMeatMonday to all the major podcasting platforms.