We are Bacon Phat, a biweekly podcast about good food, amazing books, and badass women.

Sasha is a trad climber and soon-to-be Coloradan who loves baking paleo Beef Wellington and starting fires.

Before getting her BA in business from IUPUI, Sasha lived in Spain as an au pair and was the head baker for numerous bakeries. Since starting college, she has worked as a research assistant to professors of marketing and Spanish, learned how to power lift, and adopted consumption habits grounded in fair trade and sustainability.

Julia​ is a power lifter and certified personal trainer with a cat from Turkey and infatuation with The Bachelor franchise.

After she received her Master's in Public Affairs from IU-Bloomington, she lived a year in Washington, DC, working for a farmers' market association. She has also done research for multiple professors and has collaborated on published papers. She is currently working on her certification for health coaching.

each episode we discuss:


We read one (or three) books every two weeks and discuss what we liked, what we didn't like, and the best things we learned.

Between camping, caving, kayaking, hiking, climbing, and hunting, we do some kind of outdoors-y/first humans-y activity every weekend.

We eat WOALF—Whole, Organic, Ancestral, Local, and Fair. It's like paleo with some modifications. And we emphasize organ meats, the most nutrient-dense foods in the human diet.

Poop is the window to the soul of your health. We want to normalize the discussion of poop by talking about our digestion, gas, and most recent poops.

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