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Welcome to Bacon Phat, a biweekly podcast about the good, the bad, and the irritating of books related to ancestral health, modern medicine, food, and nutrition. Perfect for listening to while you're barefoot hiking or spinning your own yarn from local sheeps' wool or roasting some delishus bacon in the oven, Bacon Phat is like bacon...for your ears!


Sasha and Julia are a couple of amateur book readers who also love power lifting, rock climbing, cooking, and exploring the outside world. After reading countless books about health and the food industry to inform their own diets and lifestyles, Sasha and Julia decided to start a podcast because they got sick of explaining the same things over and over to their friends and family. Currently, they eat WOALF (Whole, Organic, Ancestral, Local, and Fair). Focusing on trying to live as much like the first humans in this modern world—they do unfortunately have actual jobs and can't afford to live in a van in the National Parks (yet)—Sasha and Julia also want to learn to hunt for their food, make their own clothes, and reduce their reliance on plastics and wifi.